The risks of not converting your super 8 videos

Having the super 8 format today can be pretty cool and anti-mainstream. You may also consider yourself as a hipster if you like it, but it won’t deny the fact that it’s pretty risky to store your videos in such an old format. As you may aware, the shops and services that provide you the means to take care of such a format have started to disappear one by one. This is just another reason for you to convert super 8 film to DVD or other digital formats.

Not only that, you may also aware that the rolls are also vulnerable to any physical contact, which can eventually crush or tear them apart easily. Even if you manage to store it, the dust particles, heat, and humidity are all quite dangerous and harmful for your rolls to be around with, so that’s why it’d be a good decision for you to avoid those scenarios by converting your old super 8 videos into the more advanced formats.