The Great Animation Revolution

Over the past two decades, the era of digitalization is now expanding to individuals with the presence of laptops, tablets, smartphones to other sophisticated gadgets, which also make it easier for people in various medium and small-scale industries, not to mention the creative and entertainment industries, especially films. So no wonder, the rise of various studios or independent film companies because one of them is the use of digital computers. When you find the movie you want to watch but still in the rolling roll, it will be better for you to convert it to be safe, why? Because by converting with us or by using our super 8 film to dvd service with 4K quality, then you can watch the movie you want to watch.

Digitalization makes a significant change in the movie’s visuals, but behind the digital sophistication of the film industry, there are always positive and negative impacts. Here are the positive impacts: The first is certainly easier to realize the visuals appropriately and aesthetically, especially if you want to adapt the fantasy, adventure, epic or saga story, and the most we encounter is the superhero.