Later Though We Have Been Nothing, Make Sure That Our Expectations, Wishes and Love Will Never Cease!

Life in this world begins with hope. Hope is not just a mere wishful thinking, but also an eternal whip that will bring life to life. Life in this world is a gift from a very beautiful God. God has determined how one lives in the world. Not only the plot, all the players who will accompany us in this world was already determined by God. Like a drama show, the screenwriter and director are the most important elements, and that’s where God plays a role. We often live in this world filled with hope. Yes, for some people will look very useless to always hope. They hope it is just a futile wait for an uncertainty. That’s true, angeli custodi agrees that hope is an uncertainty and a vacuum.

But make no mistake, not a few of us who believe in hope and lead beautifully. Hope is like a lamp that is at the end of a dark hallway. He will be our guide to get out of the darkness. That hope for some other people is a life-span. Indeed we as humans will never know whether the hope that we will be a reality or not. However, it is that expectation that it will create a real commitment to us to realize those expectations. All things in the world can be spelled out from a hope. Hope that turns into ideals, and ideals that will turn into goals and determination.