Is Water Alkali Better?

When you see beverage advertising packaging or beverage packaging on display at the nearest supermarket, we will be confused to see it. So many types of bottled water are claimed to provide health benefits. One is alkaline water. Is it true that drinking water is healthier than drinking plain water? According to The nutrition specialist, Inge Permadhi, alkaline water basically has a high acidity (pH) (higher pH, it will be alkaline) that can neutralize the acidic body. However, without alkaline water, the body mechanism created by God can make the body’s pH neutral. Our bodies have the ability to make sour and non-acidic foods and drinks.

When eating acidic foods, the body does not immediately become acid because there is the release of enzymes that help the body’s pH become neutral again. According to the study, so far there is no strong evidence to suggest that alkaline water is healthier. So it is with oxygen water. Meanwhile, the oxygen water product sold does contain oxygen. However, when it will be consumed, the oxygen content will not enter the human body. We humans can only take oxygen from the air, so we have lungs. So, to maintain the hydration of the body, sufficient consumption of plain water. Rutinlah consumption of 8 glasses per day and adjusted with physical activity so that the body is not dehydrated.

Functions that are needed by many people are food or consumption to fight free radicals. One of the contents possessed by alkaline water is ORP or known as Oxidation Reduction Potential. The content of this substance is considered quite high. So good to be consumed every day. Skin health also depends on the food that he consumes every day. If many substances that enter the body have damaging properties, then your skin health is also disrupted. With water that can alkaline water improve the alkaline body condition (alkaline). This condition improves the cells within you. The ultimate impact on the skin becomes healthier. The occurrence of oxidation processes in the body greatly affects the beauty of your skin. Even the process of premature aging is one of the effects of oxidation of the body. One way to eat foods that contain high antioxidants. For example, such alkaline water is rich in 6-8 greater oxidants to slow the aging process.