Don’t Do These Things If You Don’t Want Your English Does not Increase

You are planning to continue your education or move abroad, would like to have a good study so that life in your chosen country goes well. And, you also can take English test for your settling process in the country you are going to. For those of you who are planning on continuing education or moving to Leeds, UK. You need to take the test at Trinity college leeds and set a schedule to suit your needs.
Before you take the test and actually settle in that country, you need to know these things so that your English is not continuously on the same level:

1. Not Applying the Lesson in the Course Course.
You are willing to spend a lot of money for the cost but not willing to apply it in the real world. So this is a big mistake you made. Your English skills will not increase.

2. Gadgets That You Have Not Using English.
Gadgets become one of the things you always see, but you do not use English on your gadgets, so all you do is wasting your time without adding your English vocabulary.