Consider These Things for the Safe Flight!

In general, there are so many things to know related to the flight, right? Every passenger of the aircraft must understand the safety rules of the aircraft as a provision to deal with various situations on the way. Consider the safety instructions exhibited by the cabin crew or flight attendant before the flight. Read the safety manual provided in each passenger seat carefully or click here. In the guide, it is clear what things to do and do not do during the flight.

It is also important to follow the crew’s appeal during flight. In various situations during flight, the crew of a pilot, co-pilot, or flight attendant will usually provide important announcements. For example, whether it is possible to remove the seat belts, preach the airplane altitude, give warnings if the weather is bad, and provide an appeal or other information that is essential for aviation safety. When the crew announces that passengers are banned for walking or standing on a plane for a while, then every passenger is obliged to comply with the appeal.