Causes of Eyelash Loss

Have you ever noticed that some public figures eyelashes always look slender and beautiful? For those of you who are wondering do eyelashes grow back? You can find the answer by visiting our website. You will find the idol lash serum that will help make your eyelashes can grow beautifully and length.

The Idol Lash containing olive oil that can be beneficial to your lashes. Here are some things that can cause your eyelashes fall out:

– The age factor can make the lashes more loss and look to shrink

– Heredity or genetics, meaning thin and short eyelashes has been brought down by our parents since we were born from.

– As a result of overuse of makeup on the eyelashes in excess, such as the use of false eyelashes or mascara.

– The eyelashes fall out when you are stricken with diseases of the eye and are often rubbed his eyes with his hands or other materials.

– When he wants to cut bangs hair eyelashes accidentally come clipped

– Lack of vitamin E in the body

– And many other causes.

Although it is rare, but the loss of eyelashes quite disturbing, because it can ruin the appearance. But you need not worry, there is some powerful and natural way to overcome and prevent lashes that do not fall again. Here is how to cope with and prevent loss of eyelashes.

Use Candlenut
Why should candlenut? Because of candlenut very well for health and beauty hair, good head of hair, moustache, eyebrows, and eyelashes. How to take a candlenut then burn it, then mashed, then apply on eyelashes or eyebrows carefully. Let stand down at least 1 hour, after that you can rinse thoroughly. If the thing is not helping the growth of your eyelashes, I suggest you go back to using the Idol Lash. The content that is in the Idol Lash can help the growth of your eyelashes.